About Me

Nicole J.Y. Chan  (a.k.a. Coley)

20.09.2014| Embracing the Mountain, Banff
20.09.2014| Embracing the Mountain, Banff

Photography enthusiast who manages to take a bunch load of photos everywhere I go. Having kept most of them in storage for a while, I’ve decided to share my pictures with the world. Photos I upload can range from scenic views, things I find interesting or weird, to unique foods that I encounter. Some photos may not be in the best of quality as I may have only had the use of my phone camera at that point in time. All pictures have not been enhanced in any way except for camera settings and is uploaded with minimum editing (cropping/watermark).

All photos I upload on this site are taken by me (or I have permission from the original photographer) and all rights are reserved.

Accompanying Fiction: If you see this in a picture post, it is my attempt at writing short stories in a few sentences. Let me know what you think of them!

Equipment: Most are taken with a Nikon Coolpix P310, some with my Nokia Lumia 620 phone and older photos with a DSLR A-200. You can click on the photo to see the settings.


Follow me on Instagram: coley.pictures

Visit my movie blog (where I write movie reviews) at: http://www.championangels.wordpress.com

E-mail me your thoughts at: nicoleJYchan@gmail.com


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